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If there were a progress bar for the 21st century, it would be almost 17% complete already. Things are hurtling along at breakneck speed. And, just as always, we resist the relentless pace of life with a counter-movement to slow down. Savour. Observe. Enjoy.

You could get your coffee to go on your way to somewhere very important. You’d order it just as you like it in a slightly brisk tone from a talented barista at your favourite Melbourne café, who would do a great job with a routine flick of her wrist and a slightly preoccupied smile. It would probably be a very good coffee, but you might forget to enjoy it as you make your way back to the progress bar.

Or, you could stop the clock and really enjoy the process of making pour over coffee at your Brisbane workplace instead. You could brew it at home, precisely and lovingly, either with an exceptional pour over kit or sleek and innovative Hario gear. Perfectionist manual brewers now have all the tools they need to micro-manage the brewing process to their heart’s desire: standout coffee bean storage solutions that treat your finely selected beans with the respect they deserve, first-rate grinders and filters, Pro Tamp and Pullman coffee tampers that feel like a second skin, and Acaia scales that measure precise weights, times and flow rates. Cold brewers can cherish the intellectually satisfying ritual of creating a clean, sweet and nuanced cold-brew coffee with the Bruer. However you prefer to make it, serve the resulting masterstroke to your very important clients or guests (or serve it respectfully to yourself) with absolute pride.

Of course, not all of us have the luxury of time all the time. Sometimes a coffee has to be a quickie, and sometimes a bustling Sydney café needs to slam that coffee down hard and fast on the table. When time is of the essence, you’ll be thankful for brilliant engineering and innovation that makes products like Aeropress (admire the quickest premium espresso to ever appear on your table) and Rhinowares possible. And once your exceptionally quick and equally impressive coffee is in your hot little hands, you can always transfer to it to an ever-reliable, ever-stylish Thermos and get back to that progress bar.