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Coffee Bean Co is inspired by cafe culture. We’re all about great coffee and the local hangouts and heroes that are dedicated to delivering it. We know the best brews are often found in the most unlikely places; from hidden inner city laneways, to sprawling industrial warehouses and underground boutiques.

Every roaster has their flavour preference. With every batch, they roast their personality into the beans. Each batch from each roaster will be slightly different, and every roaster will be different from the other. It’s these differences that make micro-roasting an art.

We’re about relationships. Like knowing your local barista by name, we make it our business to know each roaster personally. We’re fanatical about coffee. We live it, love it, drink it up and want to share it with you.

We invite you to join ‘The Coffee Bean Cloud’, a community of epicureans sharing their love of coffee beans online. We’re a group of nuts enthusiasts who obsess about the art of a perfect brew, from tree to bean to sip.

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Our coffee beans are shipped caffeine-fast Australia wide, with overnight delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. View our range of coffee beans online today.

 Mahalia Layzell, Flint Street, Robe, South Australia.

Renowned roaster Mahalia Layzell aims to highlight the natural intrinsic flavour in her award winning coffee beans. Melbourne’s buzzing hospitality scene is where Mahalia started out. She worked as a chef in many of the city’s top establishments before moving to Robe, South Australia. Mahalia began roasting in 1999 from the small café she had opened with her husband Paul. It was there a fully-fledged obsession and pursuit for the perfect roast began. Most notably, Mahalia’s expertly roasted coffee beans have garnered awards at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show and Hobart Fine Food Awards.