Thermos is the real thing. Founded in 1904, this is the company responsible for the technology that keeps your drinks toasty warm or chilled for hours on end. Actually, it was the Scottish physicist and chemist Sir James Dewar who is recognized as the inventor of the technology, but he unfortunately failed to register a patent at the time. This left Thermos LLC free to implement the design. Thermos has since gone from strength to strength and now includes a number of hugely successful and innovative products in its range of insulated beverage and food containers: thermos flasks, travel mugs, and drink bottles, just to name a few. The Smithsonian Institute has even featured Thermos flasks in a special exhibition of lunch kits in the United States between 1880 and 1980. Here's how the technology works. Traditional food and beverage containers unfortunately can't stop heat or cold from infiltrating them over time, but a thermos flask creates vacuum insulation, resulting in an airless barrier between two walls. This hinders the outside temperature from influencing liquid temperatures on the inside, thus, the toasty warm coffee or chilled summer drink. At Coffee Bean & Co, we have some of the most sophisticated Thermos products in store in classic stainless steel, red, or midnight blue. The Deluxe Thermos Travel Mug showcases the revolutionary vacuum insulation technology on the run, and feature BPA free Eastman Triton copolyester materials, inbuilt tea hooks, and a push button lid manoeuvre for one-handed operation. The Thermos drink bottle stops leaks in their tracks and offers mess free beverage distribution with its clever lid design. The classic Thermos flask, the one that started it all, will keep the contents hot for 12 full hours, cold for up to 24 hours. The interior and exterior materials are completely unbreakable and the warranty lasts for five years. This is the finest and safest way to travel with your finest morning blend - you put the work into brewing it just the way you like, and Thermos gives you the chance to enjoy it whenever you want at the optimum temperature.


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