Caffe Ottavo started small in Fano, in the Pesaro and Urbino province in Italy's Marche region. It was just a group of school friends getting together and roasting their own coffee in batches just big enough to keep the locals happy. The Espresso blend that Caffe Ottavo produced soared in popularity, and restaurants started demanding it. It is now known as Gran Gusto. Suddenly, a bunch of Italian school mates had to turn their hobby into a roaring trade, but they were quite satisfied with their new full time jobs. They source their coffee beans from Ethiopia, Colombia, and Brazil, and they continue to roast it lovingly in Fano. All the restaurants in the area are still wild about their Gran Gusto espresso. Then they had the brilliant idea that their signature blends should become accessible as coffee capsules, which was made possible when the Nespresso patents finally expired in 2012. And so it came to be - Caffe Ottavo's carefully ground coffee beans are now blended and distributed in just the right amount for an impeccable Italian espresso, then vacuum sealed into coffee capsules for ultimate freshness. In fact, Caffe Ottavo insists that their Nespresso compatible pods are sealed just moments after the artisan roasting process is complete. It doesn't get any fresher than that. The Caffe Ottavo espresso coffee capsules come in a wide variety of blends to appease the wildly differing preferences of coffee connoisseurs in Italy and Australia. Gran Gusto is the classic espresso that started it all. Sublime is smooth and laced with caramel overtones, and Intenso is bursting with southern Italian charm and flavour. There's even a surprisingly good Decaf blend in the Caffe Ottavo range of coffee pods. All Caffe Ottavo products are Nespresso compatible capsules, which means they are guaranteed to work in all Nespresso machines designed for home use, including Pixie, Lattissima, Bellini, and Siemans. If you're after cheap Nespresso pods that taste like authentic Italy and work flawlessly in your espresso machine at home, you can't go past Caffe Ottavo's highly sought-after pods.

 Caffe Ottavo

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