English Breakfast Tea - Paddington Tea


  • Single Unit

English Breakfast Tea by Paddington Tea

A cup of organic English breakfast tea is a warm, welcoming, and delightful way to wake up.

Paddington Tea has created a perfectly wonderful traditional morning blend. The Organic English Breakfast tea combines the CTC (crush, tear, curl) method of making black tea with the addition of quality long Orthodox leaves.The result is like a loving pep talk from someone inspiring that gets you excited about the day. This robust blend is bright and invigorating, with perfect notes of astringency and a light floral kick underneath. It's yet another triumph for Paddington Tea, and what we've come to expect from the finest tea merchants in our humble country.

Paddington Tea's Organic English Breakfast Tea is the perfect daily indulgence for yourself and your loved ones or a thoughtful present for someone inspiring. Beautifully packaged in florals, each and every tea bag is a special morning treat.