Steadfast Blend Coffee - Sensory Lab


  • Single Unit

Steadfast Blend by Sensory Lab

A sweet South American blend full of rich cocoa, berry sweetness, and lashings of dark toffee.

Weight: 250g

Sustainability and artisan expertise are top priority at Sensory Lab, and the result is delightful. The Melbourne-based coffee professionals have created a sweet and sensual mix with their Steadfast Blend, combining 60% of the washed Supremo varietal from Condor exporters in San Agustin with 40% Fazenda Rainha's Yellow Bourbon. San Agustin in southwestern Colombia boasts fertile soil and steady rainfall, ideal conditions for growing superior coffee at an elevation of 1700-1950 metres above sea level.

The pulped, natural yellow bourbon coffee from Fazenda Rainha brings warm and wonderful soft cherry notes to the mix. Experienced on its own, the Steadfast Blend invites cocoa liqueur and dark cherries to dance together, dressed to the nines in cloths of dark toffee. Add milk and the blend is smooth, sweet, and enveloping.