Seamless Blend Coffee - Sensory Lab


Seamless Blend by Sensory Lab

This sophisticated blend offers a clean balance of chocolate, cherry and citrus, popular with conoisseurs.

Sensory Lab sourced the finest and most well-respected coffee exports from Colombia and Panama to create this clean and balanced blend. 50% of the blend is the Supremo varietal from Condor, San Agustin, where the fertile and mountainous terrain creates a unique and wonderful micro-climate for coffee.

Keep your tongue tuned for dark and rich fruit notes, such as cherry and berry. A further 25% of the blend is the washed Caturro/Catuai varietal from Finca Santa Teresa in Panama. This gives a spectacular vibrancy thanks to the tropical fruit flavours. The washed Caturro varietal from ADPASO makes up the remaining 25% of the seamless blend. ADPASO is a farming co-operative committed to training and supporting farmers.

The result: excellent quality processing methods and a truly spectacular product with a clean mouthfeel and a very special complexity. Serve this blend to conoisseurs and watch their eyes light up with every mouthful.