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Costa Rica Finca La Milena by Sensory Lab

Afternoon delights rule this Costa Rican roast: honey, apricot, orange, and milk chocolate.

Costa Rican coffee farmers have a special process for washing coffee beans, and the results are rich, sweet, and luxurious. The "honey processing" technique sees the beans go through an aqua pulper, partially removing the coffee cherry fruit and leaving a honey-like coating on the bean. Deep fruit notes develop as the coffee beans dry. When drying takes place over 12 days under cloud cover, a fabulous red honey flavour emerges.

The kings and queens of coffee roasting at Sensory Lab were excited by this semi-washing process, and set about sourcing the perfect red honey blend for their range of premium artisan coffees. The delightful result is the Caturra/Catuai varietal from Finca La Milena in the town of San Rafael in Heredia, Costa Rica. The seasonal fruit flavours are juicy and splendid, all wrapped up in a warm and delicious honey-filled hug.