Dolce Bar Blend Coffee - Schibello Caffe


Dolce Bar Blend Coffee by Schibello Caffe

A bittersweet and spicy medium blend with roots in India, Brazil, and Papua New Guinea.

No-one understands the intensity and passion of a quality espresso quite like the Italians. And no-one loves a satisfying espresso quite as much as an Australian coffee enthusiast. Schibello Caffe offers a welcome combination of thriving Sydney coffee culture and traditional Italian heritage. The folks at Schibello are passionate about bringing the intensity of Italian espresso to coffee lovers in Australia. That's why their Dolce Bar blend was so wildly successful. Dolce Bar is a medium to dark blend with a round body, roasted lovingly on-site using 100% Arabica beans from Papua New Guinea, Brazil and India.

A cup of Dolce Bar is like being caught in the middle of an intense and tumultuous Italian love story. Get lost in the moment with a lively berry fruit tang and a smooth and bittersweet finish.