Masala Chai Tea - Paddington Tea


  • Single Unit

Masala Chai Tea by Paddington Tea

This spicy Masala Chai will envelop you in warm wishes seasoned with cloves and cinnamon.

While black tea might remind you of childhood comforts and fond memories in Australia, this Masala Chai blend makes you dream of exotic places instead. Masala Chai is one of the most wonderful things to come out of India. Warm, spicy and sweet, it invites you to palaces and temples where colourful silks are draped from the ceiling and gold glitters and twinkles from every angle.

Paddington Tea chose to capture and preserve this exciting essence in their Masala Chai tea, using the finest black tea and seasoning it with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. It's delicious on its own and equally as divine when served with soy milk and honey. Serve a pot of Masala Chai to your closest friends and while away the winter hours with this warm and satisfying blend.