Hario V60 Range Server 360ml


  • Single Unit

Hario V60 Range Server 360ml

This gorgeous glass carafe is the perfect vehicle with which to serve yourself an excellent cup of coffee.

Capacity: 360ml
Microwave safe
Marked with measuring levels


The lone wolf may not always have company in the mornings, but he knows how to appreciate the good things in life and to savour the moment just for himself. One of the good things in life: taking the time to brew the perfect cup of coffee to one's exact specifications. Listening to some wicked tunes while the brewing process takes place. Watching the bloom and admiring the beautiful rich coffee colour develop as you use your Hario gear to pour over until it's just right. Sure, this process might be for the lone wolf and the wolf alone, but you may as well enjoy it. Serve your spectacular single cup of lovingly brewed pour over coffee in a Hario V60 glass range server. It's made entirely of lovely smooth heatproof glass, and is designed to work in harmony with all the other V60 Hario gear.