Hario V60 Range Server 600ml


  • Single Unit

Hario V60 Range Server 600ml

Use this premium Hario range server to brew exceptional pour over coffee to guests or customers.

This beautifully beehive-shaped server is made of heat resistant glass making it the perfect server for freshly brewed hot coffee. It's a perfect companion to the V60 cone-shaped coffee drippers and pour over kettles; the V60 drippers can be placed directly on top of the server for extraction.

Features include:

- Microwave safe

- Capacity of 600ml

- Marked with measuring levels

You've got the Hario goods with which to make the perfect cup of coffee and your brewing process looks like a million dollars. Naturally, you now need something fabulous to serve your guests and customers. Designed to complement the range of V60 drippers from Hario, this cleverly designed range server is a stylish and practical way to pour. Made from the solid glass that you've come to expect from the Japanese glassware company, the range servers come in a number of sizes.

The 600ml model is perfect for four cups. The glass carafe is heat proof. It not only turns heads with its fashionable beehive form, it allows everyone in the room to marvel at the deep rich colour of the coffee you've just created. Simply place your Hario V60 cone-shapped coffee dripper on the top and go about extracting a premium cup of coffee. Let everyone watch. Then pour and enjoy.