Hario V60 Range Server 800ml


  • Single Unit

As any gastronome will know, presentation is crucial. Hard yakka went into brewing that coffee, so reward yourself and your guests by presenting it stylishly.

Features include:
Microwave safe
Capacity of 800ml
Marked with measuring levels

You've chosen your beans from your favourite coffee region, harvested at just the ideal altitude under fair conditions. You've ground them manually according to your taste: coarse for a French press, finer for an espresso. You've then taken your grounds and run them lovingly through the coffee brewing equipment of your choice: be it a Hario Syphon, a Hario Mini Mill, or a V60 dripper with a filter. The hard work has paid off - your coffee is astonishing. It's clean, flavoursome and rich in colour. And your guests are waiting. So make it worth their while and serve your coffee in this glorious Hario glass range server. The Hario V60 range server with its stylish beehive shape and top quality heat resistant Hario glass is designed to work with the V60 dripper on top. It holds 800ml - that's enough coffee to make up to six people very happy indeed.