Exclusive Black Label Coffee - Schibello Caffe


Exclusive Black Label Coffee by Schibello Caffe

Here is a premium roast for refined tastes - this exclusive blend is captivating and very, very smooth.

This exclusive roast from Schibello Caffe is the one to serve when you're dressed to impress and pulling out all the stops. Politely implying sophistication and style, Exclusive Black Label is, well, perfection in an espresso cup, beginning with the finest quality 100% Arabica beans sourced from Brazil, Colombia, and Papua New Guinea. The Sigri, Maracana, and Rio Claro farms collaborate to offer a beautiful dark blend with a smooth and full body.

Schibello Caffe certainly knows how to seduce its loyal followers with an unforgettable, beautiful blend. The dark berry notes are captivating, and the nutty chocolate flavours will linger long after you've savoured the final sip. A cup of Exclusive Black Label is invigorating and high in intensity. Sounds too good to be true, right? Exclusive Black Label could possibly be the perfect Italian espresso.