Toddy Cold Brewing System for Coffee & Tea


  • Single Unit

If you've got time and a Toddy, you can make ridiculously good cold brew coffee.

The Toddy consists of: brewer with handle, glass decanter with lid, 2 reusable filters, a rubber stopper and the instructions and recipe booklet. 


Cold brew coffee is a great solution for getting rid of the bitterness that sometimes accompanies a batch brewed with hot water. The Toddy system promises to remove 67% of the acidity that accompanies conventional brewing methods. That's a pretty significant difference for your morning cup. To make a truly exceptional cold brew coffee, you need a lot of time (10-12 hours to be exact!) and a fabulous cold brew coffee system. Try the Toddy cold brewing system and you might never go back: your coffee will be sweet, aromatic, flavoursome, and extremely drinkable! It all started back in the sixties, and since then, the Toddy cold brewing system has been fine tuned and modernised. Nowadays, you'll get a coffee brewer with a handle, a glass decanter and lid, a rubber stopper, two reusable filters, and a recipe book to get you inspired.