Bruer Cold Brew System - Blue


Bruer Cold Brew System

Discover why more and more coffee enthusiasts are turning to cold brew coffee and loving the difference.

Great things can happen in Santa Cruz. Bruer is a thriving new startup, a beautiful collaboration. Here, engineering, industrial design, and manufacturing expertise come together to create something pretty special. The cold brew coffee phenomenon started in the 1960's with the Toddy, and while plenty of loyalists still swear by the Toddy, Bruer brings a modern simplicity and minimalistic aesthetic pleasure to the equation. The Bruer cold brew system features a Bruer pot and tower made of glass, stainless steel valves and mesh filters, silicone valves, shoulders, and filter rings, and a cool blue trim. Put it all together and watch at your leisure as the cold brew coffee system slowly extracts all the goodness out of your carefully selected single origin coffee roast or blend. It can take 10-12 hours, but you'll appreciate the end result so much it's worth every single drip.