Hario V60 Ice Coffee Maker


  • Single Unit

Hario V60 Ice Coffee Maker

Use Hario's clever drip method to make yourself a perfectly delicious cup of iced coffee.

The V60 Ice Coffee Maker comes with a 700ml glass carafe, the plastic diffuser, plastic funnel insert and 10 paper filters (02 size).

Simply add 300 grams of ice to the Hario V60 Ice Coffee Brewer.  Then add the desired amount of coffee grounds and pour the water slowly in a circular motion.  Be sure to always wet the paper filter prior to adding the coffee to guard against any residual "paper" taste.  When the ice has melted, your iced coffee is ready!

Dimensions: 18cm (width) x 12cm (depth) x 22cm (height)


Use the simple and fabulous pour over drip method from Hario with some intelligent extras to make yourself and your guests an exceptional iced coffee on a hot day. The Hario V60 Fretta Ice Coffee Maker comes with a lovely curved 600ml glass carafe and an ice funnel insert.

This intuitive design is what makes your iced coffee completely flavoursome - your coffee drips straight onto the ice and locks in the flavour. Just add your coffee roast of choice using the stylish coffee scoop and paper filters, and watch the cleverly designed dispersion lid on top of the funnel gently fold your premium coffee over the ice. The drip cone has curved ridges for controlling the flow of water. Hario's carafe lid snaps into place to avoid spills when pouring. The result? A beautifully constructed and perfectly delicious iced coffee.