Single Origin Swiss Water Decaf Coffee - Sensory Lab


Single Origin Swiss Water Decaf by Sensory Lab

Gentle Swiss Water decaffeination processes leave the wonderful baked apple and chocolate flavour completely intact.

For a world-class decaf you firstly need an exceptional bean. Known for their affinity with exceptional beans, Sensory Lab sourced the bean in question from Timana in the Huila region, close to the Andes. Here, altitude is high and the weather patterns are ideal for cultivating a quality dark roast.

Excelso is a joy to drink - the cheeky hints of chocolate and sweet baked apple are divine when taken with milk. And then there's the Swiss Water decaf process. Devoid of chemical solvents, Swiss Water decaffeination uses just that - pure water from the mountains in Canada's British Columbia. The process is efficient and effective: 99.9% of the caffeine molecules are stripped. The difference is that you no longer have to compromise a single speck of baked apple or chocolate complexity to enjoy your coffee caffeine-free.