Decaffeinated Coffee - Schibello Caffe


Decaffeinated Coffee by Schibello Caffe

Schibello Caffe introduces their outstanding decaf medium roast: velvety, complex, and fabulously full-flavoured.

Find a decaf coffee that retains the character and flavour of its caffeinated counterpart and it's like you've found the holy grail. Schibello Caffe struck the mark with expert precision when they developed this premium and pure Colombian dark roast. It might be 99% caffeine free, but it's 100% full of flavour - a versatile and light bodied roast that works well in the espresso cup or with milk. The search for an excellent decaf led the Schibello Caffe seekers to the high altitudes in Colombia, where the coffees are renowned for being full and sweet.

The result is a warm, round, and velvety cup with mild acidity and a complex aroma. A keen tongue will detect notes of honey and vanilla. A keen tongue will also most certainly go back for a second cup.