Hario V60 Transparent Dripper 1 cup


  • Single Unit

Lightweight and cleverly designed, the Hario dripper delivers gourmet flavour and complete control over brewing.

As pour over brewing makes a comeback, coffee afficionados have come to appreciate the simplicity and complete control over the coffee brewing process. The Japanese company Hario has created a range of accessories and equipment to make this process not only a joy, but very beautiful to watch. Take, for example, the Hario V60 transparent dripper. Technically, it's clever and brilliant. The dripper accommodates a specialty pointed edged filter, and the cone is uniquely designed with ribbing to let your coffee expand.

Lightweight plastic makes this dripper easy to fit in your suitcase or briefcase, should you need a cheeky (but exceptional) cup on the go. And finally, it looks great in your kitchen or office. All in all, this dripper will make your morning, noon, or night with a smooth and well-executed cup of coffee made just as you like it.