Hario V60 Dripper Red Porcelain 1 cup


  • Single Unit

The red porcelain V60 1-2 cup dripper is yet another example of Hario's commitment to balancing functionality and aestheticism. It's beautiful.

If you've come this far, you're already aware of the Hario V60 dripper's superb technical functionality. You don't need to be reminded of its practical conical shape and large hole in the centre for superior extraction. You've already admired its contours and ridges, marvelled at its beauty. And you know about its accessories: the Hario V60 paper filters, perhaps the Drip Station or a borosilicate glass range server. Now it's just a matter of choosing what colour you want. Our deepest respect for considering the red porcelain V60 - that shows an impeccable sense of style with a dash of adventure. Does your kitchen already boast bold red colour accents? Or is the desire for red a side of you that you never knew existed: a you that throws caution to the wind? Whatever. Embrace it! This red porcelain V60 dripper is gorgeous.