Hario V60 Dripper Red Porcelain 2 cup


  • Single Unit

Sure, red goes faster, but this red porcelain V6 1-4 cup dripper certainly doesn't compromise on quality in the process. Expect clean and characterful coffee.

Pop this baby on top of your range server and watch, enthralled as it works its red magic. Designed to impress 1-4 people with its porcelain awesomeness, the red ceramic V60 dripper is conical with a vortex radial drain pattern. A what, now? It sounds all scientific like, but all you need to know is that the contours of the red porcelain V60 are ingeniously designed for optimal extraction. The generous open end doesn't hurt, either. Match the V60 with quality Hario paper filters: here are two coffee brewing accessories that really understand each other. The result: 1-4 cups of fresh, clean and characterful coffee, free of oily residue, unwanted bitterness or sediment. All you have to do is choose which colour you want. Shiny red, of course!