Hario V60 Dripper White Porcelain 1 cup


  • Single Unit

Simple, sophisticated and extremely elegant: the white porcelain V60 dripper speaks to those who like clean white lines and great coffee.

Functionality, beauty and unmistakeable style. That's what the Hario V60 1-2 cup white porcelain dripper has to offer. By functionality, we mean the well thought out conical shape, the open end, and the cleverly designed "vortex drain" ridges. This means your water flow and extraction will be optimal. If you're going for ceramic, you're choosing an optimal material for heat retention, too. By beauty, we mean the Hario V60 white ceramic dripper is lovely to look at. White porcelain is a natural colour choice for kitchens and offices: fresh, clean and always complementary. And unmistakeable style is the trademark at Hario. The company loves to be inspired by nostalgia and contemporary culture in the same breath. Voila, the V60. Place it directly onto your coffee cup or into your range server and enjoy the calming process of brewing exceptional coffee.