Hario V60 Papers 1Cup - 40pk


  • Single Unit

Your coffee's own personal bouncer. These paper filters let in good bits, leaving the dregs of cafe society outside where they belong.

Pack of 40
Suits the 1 cup Hario pour over brew cone

When it comes to your pour over coffee, you have every right to be choosy about the crew that gets access to your brew. Those 1-2 cups you enjoy each day is your A-list party and only the most exclusive ingredients are invited. While freshly roasted grounds and water have an unlimited pass into your coffee cup club, there are always some undesirables trying to wedge their way in unnoticed: diterpenes such as cafestol and kahweol. These bad boys are responsible for that unsightly sheen floating on the surface of your coffee. No thanks. Using Hario quality paper filters is like hiring the best bouncers in the industry to protect your coffee's integrity. The Hario paper filters are thick, resistant, and top quality. They're even cleverly decked out with a pointy tip for optimal coffee extraction.  Grab a pack of 40, especially if the joint is bouncing off the walls.