Hario Papers V60 2Cup - 40pk


  • Single Unit

You've gone to all the effort of grinding freshly roasted beans to perfection, so use top quality filters to make sure you get only the best from your beans.

Pack of 40 coffee paper filters to be used with the Hario V60 2 cup drippers which are available in red porcelain, white porcelain, plastic and glass. 

If you've got one of Hario's nifty manual coffee grinders, you'll have spent the better part of a few valuable minutes lovingly grinding your coffee beans to perfection. Whether you're into a fine espresso or a coarser grind for the French press, it's ready and waiting and it smells divine. We admire your dedication and would now caution you against using just any old paper filter with your V60. After all, there is so much to love about the grounds. Make sure you extract the absolute best of the best and leave the rest by using the V60 paper filters. They're cone shaped, thick, durable, and surprisingly effective. You won't spot an oily sheen or get an irritating spot of sediment in the bottom of your glass or cup. Instead, it will be clean, fresh, and flavoursome. These filters fit the V60 02 (for 1-4 cups) and come in packs of 40.