Hario V60 Filter Paper for 02 Dripper - 100pk


  • Single Unit

Great coffee deserves top notch protection: Hario paper filters are like security personnel and they grant access exclusively to quality ingredients.

Pack of 100 paper filters
Great for your Hario V60 2 cup dripper!

Hario V60 02 paper filters have your back. They're out in force (there are 100 of them in a pack) and their number one priority is protecting the integrity of your coffee. All you need to do is get their feet a bit wet before you send them into battle. Then let them sort out the hot from the not and leave the sediment where it belongs: anywhere but in your coffee. But it's not just sediment that these paper filters enjoy ousting: they're qualitative enough to separate the oily substances as well: diterpenes, cafestol and kahweol. You won't get an oily sheen on top of your cup with Hario paper filters. They're disposable, thick, conical and clever. Pick up a pack of 100 - these ones fit the V60 02 (1-4 cup) model.