Hario V60 15oz Glass


  • Single Unit

Enjoy that dark and luxurious coffee colour from any angle: Hario double insulated glasses are perfect for holding and savouring hot and cold beverages.

Dimensions 13.3cm (height) x 10cm (width)

Holds 444ml or 15oz

There is nothing more frustrating than being served a perfectly good cup of coffee in a sub-standard coffee glass with a too-thin paltry excuse for a napkin being the only thing protecting your precious hand from the red-hot heat within. Not to mention how quickly your coveted beverage loses heat after that! What's the solution? Patrons and coffee aficionados at home love being able to see that dark and luxurious coffee colour from every angle. They don't much appreciate having to wait for a taste of caffeinated magic, and they certainly don't then want to slurp as quickly as possible to make the most of that perfect temperature. We turned to the Japanese king of glass and knew he would deliver. Hario developed a double insulated heat resistant coffee glass. This baby is solid. Use it to keep heat where it should be: optimally preserved in your precious coffee itself.