Organic Jasmine Green - Paddington Tea


  • Single Unit

Organic Jasmine Green by Paddington Tea

Completely natural and perfectly refreshing, this organic jasmine green tea is packed with health benefits.

Green tea contains all sorts of wonderful things for your body: anti-oxidants, polyphenols, anti-depressants, and most importantly, a whole lot of warm and fuzzy feelings. First thing in the morning or in the evening before tucking in to bed, a quality cup of jasmine green tea is a lifesaver when you're feeling lethargic or down in the dumps.

Paddington Tea, enthusiastic purveyors of the finest artisan tea products in Australia, set about creating their very own standout organic jasmine green tea blend, and the result is both heavenly and completely authentic. It's scented with natural jasmine flowers for an invigorating and aromatic fragrance. Serve it on its own, add a dash of honey, or throw in a couple of ice cubes on a summery day. Let the floral and subtly sweet flavours invigorate your senses and be enchanted.