Chemex Classic 3 cup


Chemex Classic 3 cup

Art, beauty, science, and simplicity come together: this classic Chemex cup brews exceptional coffee.

Capacity 16oz or 473ml

The perfect cup of coffee doesn't have to be complicated - some of the finest things in this world just need a bit of time. If you appreciate simplicity and beauty, you'll love the design of this historical Chemex product. The German inventor and coffee enthusiast Dr. Peter Schlumbohm is responsible for the award-winning design, featuring non-porous borosilicate glass, the beautiful wooden collar, special design filters, and a stylish leather tie.

It features in the permanent collection of many design and art museums, among them the illustrious Museum of Modern Art in New York. Having a Chemex Classic Series Cup in your home is much like having a small but very significant piece of popular culture and history in your very own kitchen. This coffeemaker brews 3 cups, slowly, surely, and with expert precision.