Chemex Classic 6 cup


  • Single Unit

Chemex Classic 6 cup

In 1941 in Germany, an aesthetically stunning and practical piece of coffee brewing history was born.

Capacity just under 900ml

Dr. Peter Schlumbohm sat down in 1941 and devised a coffee brewing system designed for slow and steady pour over brewing. The vehicle itself is sleek and lovely, crafted from heat resistant, non-porous borosilicate glass. The sophisticated wooden centre handle and leather tie are like a piece of art, particularly when set against the beautiful rich colour of perfectly brewed coffee. Such an attractive piece of brewing equipment is the Chemex, it features on display at New York's Museum of Modern Art. The Chemex is a part of history and pop culture. It has featured in Betty and Don Draper's retro kitchen on Mad Men, and it can feature in your very own kitchen too. The Chemex Classic is designed to hold six cups, for you and a few of your closest friends. Brew your coffee with pleasure and serve it with style.