Hario V60 Transparent Dripper 2 cup

  • Single Unit

Hario V60 Transparent Dripper 2 cup

Life, love, and great coffee are extra sweet when you've got someone to share them with.

No matter what your budget, Hario has a dripper for you. This is the V60 size 02 clear plastic dripper. It's a little less heat tolerant than the glass version, but carries the famous V60 design for a great drip coffee.

What's special about the V60 design? Hario has become renown for this 60 degree angled design with the large hole in the middle and spiral ridges around the edges. It's this combination that produces a remarkable cup of coffee!

The happy couple shares a lot of things -- a home, a bed, some Thai takeout on the couch, the newspaper, a leisurely breakfast. The next time you are lovingly making pour over coffee for your loved one, make it a V60 experience. Hario gear for making pour over coffee allows you to customise the entire brewing process, which is fine and good as long as you and your sweetheart agree on what constitutes a good cup. With a Hario V60 transparent 2 cup dripper, at least you can look over their shoulder and direct the process. Here is a beautiful piece of brewing equipment with ridges and a special cone shape for optimal coffee grind extraction. Place a Hario paper filter inside, pop the dripper on top of the Hario V60 range server, and get your Hario kettle boiling. Everything you need to make the coffee you and your other half deserve to enjoy together.