Sale! Hario Complete Coffee Pour Over Kit

Hario Complete Coffee Pour Over Kit


Hario Complete Coffee Pour Over Kit

Everything you need from Hario to make the finest cup of coffee you possibly can.

Includes a Range Server, V60 2Cup and 100 Filter Papers.

Here's why the world is going mad for pour over coffee brewing. Baristas and home brewers have complete control over all aspects of the brewing process: the grind, the ratio of water to coffee, the water temperature, the speed, the bloom. Our favourite pour over gear comes from the Japanese glassware and coffee accessory experts at Hario, famous for the Hario kettle. Behold, the Hario complete coffee pour over kit. Firstly, there's a V60 2 cup transparent dripper, lightweight and attractive. It's ribbed to cope well when the coffee expands, and it accommodates a specially designed pointed-edge filter, perfect for optimal coffee extraction from the bottom and sides. The filters are also included, 100 of them to be exact, so you can make an incredible cup for yourself and up to 99 guests if you so desire. The icing on the cake is the Hario range server, with its good-looking and practical Beehive form and heatproof glass.