Foglia Organic Coffee - Schibello Caffe


Foglia Organic Coffee by Schibello Caffe

Every ingredient in this fine and floral Bolivian coffee is above board. Pure organic bliss.

Bolivia is gaining a reputation as a premium exporter of specialty organic coffee. Conditions are excellent for growing a fine bean - high altitudes, fertile soil and ample rainfall. Schibello Caffe searched far and wide for a clean and complex organic coffee to add to their repertoire of premium roasts, and they found what they were looking for in the Bolivian coffee plantations: Foglia Organic.

This is a single origin coffee that does everything right. It's USDA certified and Fair Trade approved, which means you can be sure of what you're drinking. No additives, pesticides, GM products, fertilisers, or herbicides. Just a wonderful cup of pure organic bliss.

Foglia Organic coffee has a light body and a fruity flavour with spices, nuts, and citrus hovering around the edges. Treat yourself and your guests to this pure and perfectly lovely addition to the Coffee Bean Co range.