The Colombian Single Origin Coffee - Schibello Caffe


The Colombian Single Origin Coffee by Schibello Caffe

A Colombian medium roast with fine layers of sweet chocolate, raspberry, and orange.

Schibello Caffe is well known in Sydney for bringing Italian passion, heritage, and tradition to the ever-changing and emerging Aussie coffee culture. Schibello Caffe regulars around the country love the high intensity aromas, smooth blending processes, and excellent crema that the company's artisan roasts bring to the table. Among the Schibello collection of premium coffee products is this smooth and rich Colombian medium roast, the Colombia Single Origin.The rocky terrain in Colombia offers first-class conditions for cultivating first-class coffee, and this light-bodied classic is no exception.

Serve Colombia Single Origin to just about anyone - its bright citrus aroma, good acidity, and pleasantly smooth body will make you and your guests stop what you're doing and simply savour the moment. Keep your tongue tuned for fine layers of orange and chocolate.