Hario Syphon Technica 2 Cup


  • Single Unit

Making coffee will never be boring with the Hario Syphon Technica 2 cup: turn it into a fascinating science experiment and marvel at the exceptional results.

The Hario Syphon Technica is a marvel to behold. It really does look like it belongs in some extraordinary European science laboratory from the early 1900's. It is inspired by Albert Cohn's 1914 percolator, after all. The Syphon is beautiful with its bulbous, curvaceous parts made of heatproof Hario glass and its elegant height. Then, you get to see it in action. Oh my, it's breathtaking. You light the burner, add water underneath and the filter and coffee grounds on top. Then it's just a matter of placing the upper bowl on top of the lower one and watching the magic happen in front of your eyes. Gravity, pressure, vacuum, they all play a role. The whole process takes just a couple of minutes. Then you can enjoy a clean and perfectly balanced cup of coffee. While you're doing the drinking, know that science did the hard work for you.