Hario Bamboo Paddle


  • Single Unit

Using a Hario Syphon or French Press? Bring out the subtlest of nuances in your coffee flavour by stirring with a bamboo paddle: smooth, simple, and safe.

Length: 25cm

You might be accused of stirring the pot but you'll certainly be forgiven when you bring out the coffee and it's exceptional. These sleek and minimal traditional style Japanese bamboo paddles are designed and shaped meticulously to work with the Hario coffee syphon. Sturdy and well-crafted, such a paddle is an essential tool for creating beautiful coffee. You'll want to make sure that the contents in your syphon chamber are evenly distributed. In doing so, eliminate the risk of a broken carafe by avoiding metal. You could use plastic, but plenty of aficionados complain that it alters the taste, and we can't help but agree. Bamboo is the perfect solution: solid, sturdy, easy to clean, smooth, and best of all, completely safe. Stirring with a Hario bamboo paddle allows all the subtleties and nuances in flavour to find their place - preferably on the tip of your tongue.